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I love animals. I don't eat them.
I admire intelligent people. I will quote them.
I am a Londoner. It's my favourite place in the world.
I cook vegan and vegetarian delicacies. I will share them.
I am a huge admirer of the Beatles. Poets like that are truly rare and special.
I enjoy writing. I send letters and cards to my loved ones internationally.
I believe in peace. I run the Daily Peace Blog.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding veganism/vegetarianism. I mean this with all sincerity because I will quite happily provide you with streams of advice, ideas, tips, suggestions and resources.


Sep 23, 2012
@ 12:28 am

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My local mega Tesco has had a bit of a change-around. We went to the freezer aisle yesterday as TG loves their FreeFrom freezer section (which contains amongst other things wheat free pasta meals, wheat free pizza and even a wheat free apple pie!). It had vanished. TG was instantly disheartened but I promised him that it had just been moved around, all we had to do was find it. I was right. When we found it, I was delighted to see that it is now proudly next to the Vegetarian Section and that the wheatfree range seems to have doubled in size! They are now offering wheat free pizza bases (so you can put whatever you want on them), wheat free burritos, and all sorts of other wheat free options! So we bought a pack of 2 wheat free pizza bases and I’ve got some super melty vegan mozzarella from Holland & Barrett so that will be our dinner tonight and I am very much looking forward to it.

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