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I love animals. I don't eat them.
I admire intelligent people. I will quote them.
I am a Londoner. It's my favourite place in the world.
I cook vegan and vegetarian delicacies. I will share them.
I am a huge admirer of the Beatles. Poets like that are truly rare and special.
I enjoy writing. I send letters and cards to my loved ones internationally.
I believe in peace. I run the Daily Peace Blog.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding veganism/vegetarianism. I mean this with all sincerity because I will quite happily provide you with streams of advice, ideas, tips, suggestions and resources.


Mar 31, 2011
@ 5:30 am

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StumbleUpon is brilliant.

I’m surprised at how many people just haven’t heard of this incredible invention.

Everybody knows the Internet is almost as vast and varied as the universe. But how do you get the best out of it? How do you find the hidden treasures that are out there? The best projects, photographs, videos, music, quotes? It’s one thing just Googling what’s on your mind. But I have had moments before when I’ve sat in front of a browser and thought “I’m bored.” or “Where do I begin?”

People settle into a routine with the Internet. Once you’ve checked your email, Facebook, Groupon, clicked on the Hunger Site and maybe read a news story or two, you’re set. In theory.

I highly recommend joining StumbleUpon. It takes less than a minute and if you use it correctly, you will be dazzled and amazed pretty soon after signing up. It brings the best of the Internet to you. All it asks is that you click a few boxes, tell it the sort of things that interest you, and hit that golden button that says “Stumble”. One after another, pages will be shown to you. Just click either “Like” or “Dislike” and the toolbar will learn to adapt with you. The more you Stumble, the better it gets!

And there is no need to bookmark anything because everything you Like will be saved for you, without you having to do anything further. If your friends join up and you choose to Follow them, you can share things with them instantly through Stumble.

Thanks to Stumble, I have seen and discovered a multitide of fascinating, interesting and beautiful things. Long may it continue. Thank you, StumbleUpon!

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