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Jul 4, 2011
@ 3:53 pm

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Today I have discovered that spending hours staring at your phone simply does not make it ring. Even when said staring occurs whilst you are desperately awaiting important news. News that you’ve been hoping to hear since Friday. 


There’s nothing I can do to speed up this process. I have chased twice and twice been told that there was presently no information for me. Waiting without any sliver of information is tough, but waiting is all I can do. Waiting whilst trying to busy myself with work, though I can’t help my thoughts (and my gaze) constantly drifting towards my phone screen which remains blank. 

My mind is a myriad of thoughts; swirling around endlessly wondering whether I did enough on Thursday to swing this decision in my favour. On account of the lack of news so far I am beginning to feel despondent and almost certain that I have failed this time. Right now I can’t help thinking that when news does eventually arrive it will be the words that I dread to hear.  

They say that no news is good news so a tiny shred of hope remains buried deep inside me. It’s not over just yet. Fingers crossed.  

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