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Sep 6, 2011
@ 1:44 pm

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Property Ladder, here I come!

Something rather momentous has taken place in my life very recently. This is how it happened. 

I truly don’t know WHY but a few days before leaving for Estonia I just randomly checked the website of the place I had almost bought into, wondering if there was any availability left. 

There was one suitable property remaining. My heart leapt. I rang Mum and quickly discussed things. 

Then I rang W; the sales representative. She remembered me as I’d come so close to putting an offer in the last time around, when things didn’t go my way. She gave me the number for the mortgage guy. I rang him. He crunched the numbers and said it was JUST about do-able. 

The next day I awaited news from him as to whether he could get me an agreement in principle for the maximum possible mortgage taking into account my student loan commitments. I got my news. He’d secured me the agreement in principle. 


I then had one day left to make my mind up once and for all. Whether I wanted to go for the house or not. I spoke to both my folks one last time. I spoke to TG. I listened and took their advice. I thought about it as hard as I could in the short time frame. 

So I went for it. I phoned up W and I paid my £1,000 property reservation fee. 

Words can’t describe how I felt at that moment. Heart pounding, pulse racing, endorphins and adrenaline shooting rife throughout my entire body and utter glee in my heart. 

Exchange of contracts is due to take place one month from now with completion to follow at the end of November. 


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